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Romancing the Environment

Why I wrote Daughter of a One-Armed Man


I’ve got a confession for you. I never liked romance novels.

I never liked them because they’re so often about everything but love. They’re about lust, certainly. And they’re about sex, of course. And they’re about the trials and tribulations one faces when one pursues love. But, far too often, they are not about the thing that makes romance romantic: Love.

And I’m a romance nut. I can’t help slipping a little romance into my stories. As I write my novels, or when I write plays, or when I jot down a short story, they all seem to include a romantic sub-plot mixed in the story line.

And then, one day, I got to thinking about love. I got to thinking about how we use the word love, because we do so often. We love our partners. We love our children. We love our pets. We love our families. We love, love, love – and I found that so confusing because I was also thinking about the world around us.

We are killing ourselves with global climate change. We are gorging ourselves in natural resources. We create monoculture farms to get those foods we love, which help to kill off the environment we live in. Our recklessness with the environment is wiping out the birds and the bees and the frogs and the fish and… well, everything.

This brought a very important question to mind. How can we seriously claim to love anyone, especially ourselves, when we are killing the world around us? How can anyone who drives a car that pumps greenhouse gasses into the air claim to love their children, when those greenhouse gasses are going to make the world a terrifying place for their children to live in? How is it we so often overlook the damage we do and throw the term “love” around as if it was completely disconnected to the world we live in?

This was an important question because, listen, I live in this world, too. I am married to a wonderful woman named Vicky and I love her very much… and yet, I drive a car, too. Clearly, an answer was needed and, I knew, that the story about how that answer was found would make for fascinating reading for anyone else wrestling with this question.

And many of us today wrestle with it every day. Record heat waves are creating havoc to our crops and ourselves. Fish have turned up dead by the thousands from the heat. And this will just get worse. On top of that, we see the devastation from an addiction to oil and a diet dependent on too much fast food and not enough real food.

Daughter of a One-Armed Man is about someone looking for honest love, for real love, for love that can survive in the real world. Maybe that’s a fantasy, after all it does have a taxi-driving polar bear, but I hope you’ll give it a try.






Author and Playwright, Ken La Salle grew up in Santa Ana, California and has remained in the surrounding area his entire life. He was raised with strong, blue collar roots, which have given him a progressive and environmentalist view. As a result, you’ll find many of his stories touching those areas both geographically and philosophically. His plays have been seen in theatres across the country and you can find a growing number of his books available online. Find out more about Ken on his website at





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