Did I tell you about #HadleyRaydeen?

Did I tell you about Hadley? No. So… Picture it (Golden Girls head nod) late 2009 early 2010. I was a young author with my first opportunity to publish. Many people came into my life.[...]

When in Rome…

Eat lots of delicious Water Buffalo Mozarella, pizza from a baker, and pasta. Then, walk. Walk the streets until your legs tire beneath you. I must admit that I’m a tiny bit in love with[...]

Say Cheese @CharJGordon

It has been a while since I hosted anyone on my blog, and so what better way to kick it back off than with my old friend, Charmaine Gordon! Charmaine is always working on something[...]

Traipsing Through Europe

You guys know I love to travel, and ohh sweetness, if I could travel and write, life would be that ultimate dream come true But, alas, let’s refocus… Writing, for me, is about exploring new[...]

Is It Possible To Fall In Love In War?

I’ve never lived during a time of true war. Although times in my country are tenuous at this moment, we are still living our lives. And with continued resistance, we will continue to fight for[...]