When it’s #cold outside…

I must admit that I’m not the cold weather person who races off to the slopes at the first sign of snow.  When I do plan trips to ski resorts, it’s mainly so that I can curl up by the fire with a hot drink, and stare out of a window.  Snow and mountains are beautiful to me, but I have no real desire to “tackle” them — at all!

But, what I don’t think I realized is that since I returned to TN from D.C., I have come to believe that when it’s cold outside, I should not have to be outside for ANYTHING!  The only thing I want to do is curl up underneath a blanket, and have hot tea piped into me.

How do I do that?

I layer up like I’m heading to Alaska — which I think, lately, has been warmer than TN! — every time I leave the house.

On the bright side, I am making my way through quite a few books.  Nothing wrong with that 🙂

What are you doing when it’s twelve degrees outside?

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