Guest author — Ken La Salle

My guest this week joins us to discuss his latest memoir — The Day We Said Goodbye.

It is a book for anyone who has lost someone, anyone losing themselves… and anyone who is lost.  I hope you’ll drop by Romancing the Pen to read more about Ken, and his latest release.

The Day We Said GoodbyeWhat do you do when your father is losing his life just as you are losing your mind?

Run like hell.

At the close of A Grand Canyon, Ken La Salle and his beloved Vicky drive off into the sunset. It’s a fairy tale ending, providing your idea of a fairy tale includes suicide attempts, hallucinations, and crippling self-doubt.

Now, in The Day We Said Goodbye, it’s time to live the dream. Vicky and Ken get married, travel the world, and embrace the warm light of love. Or so Ken wanted to believe. But he never really dealt with the impulses that drove him to the edge of the Grand Canyon, now manifesting in schizophrenic episodes, like when his ex-wife shows up at his wedding.

And it doesn’t help that his father is dying and Ken has to find a way to say Goodbye.