Guest author — Charmaine Gordon

This week, I’m welcoming Charmaine Gordon!  One of my fellow VHPers.  For any of you who follow me, you know I met Charmaine in cyberspace, and she has made a wonderful impact on my writing career.

Charmaine’s story is a fascinating one, and each time I take a look into her world, I continue to be amazed.

I hope that you will join me in welcoming Charmaine!  Join us, and see if she and her stories don’t capture your interest, too.

She Didn't Say NoGrace didn’t say no to the Big Man On Campus, Scott Dwyer. And then her life changed…

Grace makes her way to a new town and with the kindness of strangers, establishes a business called The Pet Emporium where she grooms , what else? Dogs and cats.

Years later, a too-close encounter of an unpleasant kind with a skunk and Scott’s German Shepherd reunites the former lovers.

What happens in between are their stories of beginnings and endings and love lost, then found.



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