Red Rose Publishing Down and Out

It really saddens me to have to post this, but I’m posting it for many reasons, the main one being that of a cautionary tale.

Currently, I have books published with three Digital First Print publishers: Red Rose Publishing, MuseItUP Publishing, and Vanilla Heart Publishing.

Red Rose Publishing was my first publisher.  That was the publisher who sent me my first contract, and my very first royalty check.  That was the publisher that taught me what line edits, content edits, and the cover art process were all about.

But, unfortunately, it’s also the publisher that has taught me a sad lesson of misplaced trust.  I trusted RRP to announce business troubles, and to announce changes, collect monies, and distribute royalties fairly.

However, as bounced back emails, dead websites, inactive yahoo groups have proven, sometimes, you cannot offer your trust based on years of work and partnership.

As I sit staring at my very first contract, I’m wondering what should I do…

There’s really nothing to do, but to continue to send letters to book distributors notifying them of copyright infringement until every last ebook and print book I had under contract with RRP has been removed.

Sometimes, it’s really sad to take a look behind the curtain and learn that what’s there is a big red eyed monster waiting to steal everything you love from you.


2 thoughts on “Red Rose Publishing Down and Out

  1. Angela–I haven’t been focusing on Red Rose, but my first 2 books were published by Wendi. it’s not sad–it’s aggravating–that she did not have the courtesy or integrity to let us authors know. There were quite a few authors duped by her. I am still trying to get an official rights reversion statement from her, but will assume that RRP being defunct, I have my rights back. A sad lesson.

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