Have you ever wondered what it takes to #self-publish?

I’m published with multiple publishers.  The idea of self-publishing didn’t really interest me for a long time.  Although I have a background in marketing and communications, I had no desire at all to jump into the fray with other indie-pubbed authors.  I work full-time, write part-time, and try to have a normal life somewhere in-between.  Taking on all the backroom details of publishing my own work seemed extremely overwhelming.

But, the more I bought ads, attended conferences, met indie-pubbed authors, the more and more I became convinced that I could…should do it, too.

Why should I do it?  Because it would give me more freedom with the stories I tell, and more avenues for connecting with readers who may be curious enough to pick one of them up 🙂

Christmas Journey

But, what does it actually take to self-publish?  How many times have you asked that question, and no one gives you the step by step detail you really want.  There’s always a step missing.
I’d ask a question about ISBNs, but nobody really explains the how-to of barcodes when they mention ISBNs, do they?  When you ask about page count, nobody mentions how that relates to your cover art and spine width, do they?

I guess if you don’t ask the right questions, you won’t get the answers you need.

But, I didn’t give up.  I texted (is texted really a word?) friends in the middle of the night.  I took classes. I did a lot of things, but still it never quite felt like I had all of the answers and, of course, I didn’t.

But, as a result of trial and error, I have now released two self-pubbed titles: Christmas’ Journey and Beale Street Blues.  Both are available in eBook, but only Beale Street Blues will be available in paperback.

Beale Street Blues

Now that I am a super super pro at this whole thing, ask me anything.  If you have questions, and I have an answer, I’ll give it my best shot.



2 thoughts on “Have you ever wondered what it takes to #self-publish?

  1. There are many reasons to consider self-publication. A big draw fro me is when your publisher(s) don’t publish the type of book you want to write. For me, though, the biggest detriment is that you are truly alone, When you have fellow authors in a publishing group who support you and cross promote, your reach extends even further.
    Wishing you the best of luck with your self-pubs.

    • You’re right Chelle, being a part of a group of authors who support and help you promote is extremely beneficial. Building networks through writers groups, readers, and using promotional tools to help spread the word about an author’s writing will always be a big way for any author to get their work out there.

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