Rebuilding after your publisher closes its doors

I can’t say that it’s been easy. Each time I create a new ebook, order new cover art, go through a new round of edits…I think why am I doing this.

Then this happens…

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Sinclair Mosley didn’t like working in the family restaurant as a kid. But, without it, without her parents, she would never have graduated from undergrad.

Now, they needed her. Her parents. Their restaurant.

A job offer in central PA could be the lifeline she needs. But to grab it, she may have to let go of a chance at love.




…and I forget about what it took to get there, and smile because I did it.

This is a revised 2nd edition of the first book I released with Red Rose Publishing. I’m happy to say that I think its better 🙂 It’s a story about a woman living alone in a new city who has to choose between family, career, and love.

As a woman, I know that this can be such a hard choice. Often women have to choose between when they can “afford” to start a family and the next title and pay increase. No matter which choice we make there’s always that little tug in the back of your mind that tells you you’ve made the wrong choice.

As a woman, what do you do with that?

Love’s Chance follows Sinclair Mosley as she tries to decide if love is worth the risk of losing everything.

To read an excerpt from Love’s Chance, click here.