One Lovely Blog Hop: 7 Lovely Facts about @AngelaKayAustin

Dariel Raye invited me to participate in this lovely blog hop. I need to share seven facts about myself and invite fifteen other authors to participate. So, let me think…seven things about me that people don’t know. This is harder than it seems.

  1. I never tell people my younger brother’s age because he’s younger than me and I don’t want them guessing my age 🙂 nosy people…I’m just saying.
  2. I began my college studies as a theater student.
  3. Often Maya Angelou talks to me in my dreams (yeah, I know).
  4. Sometimes my dreams come true.
  5. If I had super powers…it would be hard to choose between flying and controlling the weather. They would both be super cool.
  6. I have absolutely no problem sitting in a movie theater all day on a Sunday.
  7. I love Brad Pitt! (Okay everyone knows this one, but it was worth mentioning again.)

Now, let me think of who I can invite to jump onto the merry-go-round:

LaVerne Thompson

Sage Young

Author Ancelli

Chelle Cordero

Charmaine Gordon

Laura T. Johnson

Lauren Shiro

Kim Smith

Tamara Phillip

Tha Phoenix

Linda Rettstatt

Kimberly Koz

Scarlet Hunter

Brien Michaels

Alisha Yvonne