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Burnt eggRT16 just ended, and like everyone my mind is still whirling from all of the excitement! I mean where do I begin…

RT is full of webinars, authors and readers, and just as in years passed I enjoyed every minute until I passed out each night in bed from that kind of crazy exhaustion that you actually try to deny until you realize you can’t.

I cannot begin this post without talking about one change I saw that made me stop and think: panels on diversity and multicultural books. This was amazing for me. A few years ago I approached several publishers and I heard what so many diverse authors hear, “Thanks, but I don’t think we would know how to market your book.”

Do you know how hard it is to hear that not because someone doesn’t like your writing, but because of your content (or you) they can’t take your work. What does that mean? How do movies starring people of color perform so well at the box office? Does everyone have to be Terry McMillan or Toni Morrison or Maya Angelou?

What would be the legacy of  Langston Hughes or Zora Neale Hurston who were doing their thing during the Harlem Renaissance and now they’re loved and respected by all, if they would’ve just stopped or given up? I’m sure many didn’t want to hear what they said and definitely didn’t want to produce it.

Must we continue to repeat the same cycle over and over again continuing to fight to express ourselves and fighting for an audience because of what…the fact that I’m a Black woman writing about Black women.

This leads me to another thing that I loved at this year’s RT. Self-publishing.

The love for hybrid authors or self-published authors was everywhere. Panel after panel attacked different issues and concerns for self-pubbed authors. The information shared about distribution and marketing was worth the trip alone for an author like me.

Which leads me to my next point… Readers!

Wow, they did not shy away from sharing their opinions with me. Their love for all books. Their eagerness to read new books by new authors. If more publishers listened to more diverse readers, I don’t think we’d have any of these issues. I’m just saying…

Why the burnt egg? Ha! I was so busy updating my Amazon account because of some of the fantastic information from RT16 that I burned my breakfast 🙂 eggs and sausage.

Ohh, let’s not forget my fan girl moments!

IMG_1310I know you know who they are, right?

If not, check out some of their books:

Lutisha Lovely

Renee Daniel Flagler




All of you know I absolutely love this author.

Check out her latest series. I’m reading this one – Rock Addiction.

Nalini 2016


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