What do you think about contests?

Okay, you guys know that I’ve never been a big lover of contests. I’ve never figured out quite where I fit. They always seem so narrow.

I don’t write Sweet Romance, do I?

I don’t write Erotic Romance, do I?

I don’t write traditional Contemporary Romance, do I?

Where do I belong? I’ve never discovered the answer to that question.  My latest books prove that I think I’m still growing and searching for my own unique place. Run For Freedom, and Sojourner are both a weird blend of New Adult, Historical and Paranormal. Again, they don’t fit into any traditional category. All of this makes it difficult to find a contest where my work fits.

The result: I don’t enter contests.

However, while attending RT2016, I was lured into a conversation with members of the Las Vegas Romance Writers RWA chapter. I truly tried to keep walking.  There was nothing I wanted to hear. I had plenty of things to do. Free books. Fan girl Nalini Singh. You know important things.

But, they kept talking, and for some reason, I stopped and listened. When they finished, I took a few cards and kept it moving.  Later, I dug the card out and read it.  Librarians, book clubs, agents… Wait, what? Hmm… Maybe this contest could be different. Maybe. Couldn’t hurt, right.

I told a few friends. And I actually entered a couple of my pieces.

Guess what happened…



Who knows how far I’ll go in the competition, but hey it’s been awesome just making it this far! Thank you LVRWA!