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You guys know some of what I’m going to share with you in this post, but maybe not all of it.


As a child, books were a way for me to learn, as a young woman they were a place of solace, and now books are how I do all of this: learn, explore, escape, and so much more.


When I tell people that I write Women’s Fiction and Romance, people always feel confident they know what Romance is, but there’s always someone who asks, “What is Women’s Fiction?”


To be honest, I don’t think I quite knew until I began to write and submit. I submitted my stories to publishers completely thinking that they were Romance, but soon learned that there are clearly defined lines.


So, where do I fall. Squarely on the line 🙂 Ha!


I write because I love telling stories. I self-pub because I love telling stories. I love telling stories about every day women who are on their own journey. That essentially is what Women’s Fiction is all about. Although Romance might be a type of Women’s Fiction, along with Chick Lit and Mainstream Fiction. Women’s Fiction is not a type of Romance. Did that make it clearer?


Women’s Fiction is a story about the female protagonist. It’s about her journey: emotional crisis. It may or may not include a love story, and it will end positively. However, Romance is all about the Happily Ever After (HEA), well that is if it’s not Romantic Suspense 🙂


So, now that we’ve solved that problem. What about the whole self-pub, traditional pub, vanity press pub, small press pub, digital-first print pub? What about marketing? And how do you promote?


Now that I’ve got you thinking, why not come out and join me and my friends: Jae Henderson and Laura T. Johnson, to learn more.

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