Is It Possible To Fall In Love In War?

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00022]I’ve never lived during a time of true war. Although times in my country are tenuous at this moment, we are still living our lives. And with continued resistance, we will continue to fight for normalcy in our lives.

But, during The American Civil War, families were ripped apart. Brothers against brother. Fathers against sons. Cousins against cousins. I cannot imagine what living in that time would have meant to women such as myself. Where did we fit in the war? We were both property and free. We were lied to and abused. Every atrocity that could afflict a woman of color did.

My series tackles that issue. I decided not to allow the history of American disappear from my story-telling. Instead I wanted to make it an intricate part of the story that I wanted to tell.

If you read Run For Freedom, you know how the story begins, now you can see how it continues in Sojourner: The Journey To A New Beginning.

Check out an excerpt here.