Traipsing Through Europe

You guys know I love to travel, and ohh sweetness, if I could travel and write, life would be that ultimate dream come true 🙂 But, alas, let’s refocus…

Writing, for me, is about exploring new worlds and possibilities: love, history, paranormal, etc. But, how do you continue to tell new and different stories, if you don’t explore. Exploring is what keeps it interesting, isn’t it?

Walking the streets of Paris, Rome and London had my mind filled with all kinds of thoughts. Namely, uhh,


how do  I move to Paris, Rome or London 🙂 I’m just saying. Being somewhere that is not your norm always makes them seem much more romantic, right. Well, at least it does for me.  Who wouldn’t understand how someone could fall in love walking down down Leicester Square?

The magic I feel seeping into my veins when  I travel and visit new places is what  I want to be able to fill the pages of my stories with. I want readers to close the book, and feel as if they’d just returned from a beautiful trip. Be it geographical or emotional.

Life is full of amazing and wonderful places, I hope to see as many as possible. And I’ll continue to tell you guys all about it in the pages of the stories that I write.





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