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Broken RoadBroken Road: Absolution

To Be Forgiven, You Must Forgive Yourself.

Elizabeth Marie Mitchell was abandoned by her husband. A single mother with a teenage daughter, she had no choice but to survive. She had to survive for both herself and her daughter.

What happens when your daughter is harmed and it’s your fault?

Charles Mitchell ignored his heart and his responsibilities as a man, a father and a husband. Now, he has lost everything that matters. He wasn’t there when they needed him, but he’ll never fail them again.

What happens when you have the chance to be the man you were meant to be, the man you know you can be?

What will Elizabeth and Charles do for the love of their daughter Kelly Ann?


Broken Road will be a part of the #Crossroads #Anthology. I’ve joined with some of the coolest women in the world to be a part of something that we believe is important. We’ve joined together to show diversity in #Romance. If you believe it’s as important as we do, click on the heart below to support us!




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And make sure to join our Crossroads Anthology Readers group for great conversations and giveaways! There is a complete list of the blog stops.
Before you go, be sure to to post below. I will give away a FREE copy of one of my books to three people who can post below and tell me the title of two books by two authors included in the anthology!
Contest rules: Must be able to accept prize through Amazon US, must post your answer by Midnight Central Time (U.S.A.) on February 15, 2019. Three prizes will be awarded. The prize cannot be Crossroads 🙂 The book provided will be in ebook format.

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