#USATODAY Bestselling Author – Now What? #Crossroads #Anthology

Angela Kay Austin LogoSo, uhh…yeah, that just happened! My friends and I hit the fricking #USA TODAY Bestseller’s List. What does that mean?¬† Wow! It means that ten years of writing meant something. It means that ten years of Indie Publishing and small press publishing wasn’t wasted. Thank you to the amazing women¬† (and men) whom I’ve met on my journey who challenged, trained and welcomed me into their writing world! Sometimes writing can be a solitary thing, but it doesn’t mean that as a writer I live a solitary life.

I am grateful to everyone who was a part of this journey.

Readers: Well, obvi! But I think it’s more than you purchase a book. It’s about the fact that you take a chance. It took many years before I read a book by someone who wasn’t someone I became familiar with while in college. And most of the authors I read looked like me. But then a funny thing happened along the way, I became braver and braver and read books by anyone who had an interesting story that I wanted to read.

Publishers: Thank you! In my time, I’ve had three publishers. Because of them , I learned the industry in an effort to understand how to assist in marketing my work. Overtime, my relationships with publishers morphed and changed. As a result, my need to understand marketing changed.

Writing Tribe: Okay. There have been many who have been a part of my tribe, but what’s been most important about each of them is that they were welcoming and shared. They taught me about formatting, editing, cover art, distribution, etc. Most importantly, they taught me not to give up!

Ten years is a long time. I am overwhelmed and grateful!

If you haven’t read the Crossroads Anthology, I hope that you will check it out. I share the success with twenty other amazing women! Check us out!! You have a limited amount of time to purchase the anthology. Why not purchase a copy today?!

Crossroads Anthology


Now what? New York Times? Plays? Movies?

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