New Start for the #NewYear #Podcast and #Vlog

Live Free Like everyone else, with the start of a New Year, I take a look back at the old one. What did I accomplish? What didn’t I accomplish? I can’t necessarily say it’s always a good thing because some times, you don’t think you’ve accomplished anything. But…anyway, we still do it.

Last year, I became a USA Today Bestselling Author. I made a crap-ton new author friends as well as lost a few friends who I thought were tried and true.  I’ve written a few new pieces that will come out over the next few months of the new year, as well as re-released a few old pieces. The journey of being a self-published author is crazy tricky and can be difficult. Doing it alone is no way to go. Which is why I’ve started something different for me. A podcast and vlog.

Live Free! is my addition to this world. The podcast and vlog will focus on books and travel. Is that a weird mix? Each week, we’ll discuss books, not always in a direct manner, the whole this book that is written by this author…blah blah. We will have author interviews, but I want to focus on the art of books and what it means. We’ll talk about writing, events,self-publishing , the writing muse, etc. Each week we’ll hopefully find a unique or interesting way to discuss books.

The vlog will be available on my YouTube Channel! The podcast will be available via your favorite podcast outlet, or you can check it out here?