#LiveFree with #AngelaKayAustin @ Black Author Christmas Expo 2019

Black Author Christmas ExpoTN Representative G.A. Hardaway and USA Today Bestselling Author Latrivia Welch held the first annual Black Author Christmas Expo. It was an great opportunity for local authors to gather and discuss their individual paths/reasons for publishing. We also talked about why we’re self-published vs traditional publishing houses.

Every author has their own story to tell, but if you speak to any of us, we’ll tell you it wasn’t exactly easy getting published. At some point in our careers, we had to decide what kind of author we wanted to be.  Do we want to continue to submit to traditional houses and wait? Or, do we want to learn how to do it on our own and what does that mean?

For many of the authors you’ll meet on this vlog, you’ll see that they took the non-traditional route. Tune in to my YouTube channel to learn more about some fantastic authors who may not be on your radar.