#LiveFree with Angela Griffin #ProjectHeaven #Perseverance

Live FreeNew Year, New You and all of that right. How many posts have I done like that. Too many. And how do you feel, if you have a list of twenty things and only accomplish one or two? I stopped making lists a long time ago, but the value of not giving up or the value of fighting for something you want isn’t lost on me.

Angela and I will discuss perseverance. I have written about seventeen books over the past eleven years. I write Women’s Fiction, but I do have a few Inspirational Fiction pieces. The definition for Inspirational Fiction varies. But a component is the ability of the characters to overcome adversity.  Honestly, that sounds like every book I’ve written. But there’s also the  factor of the “faith” element.

In those books, what is it that gives my characters the fortitude to not give up? What gives us the strength to not give up? Angela and will discuss this in my most recent podcast.

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