Black, Gay and Writing Romance #LiveFree

Live Free with Angela Kay Austin
Live Free

What is it like for a young, gay Black man in the world of #Romance? When most of us think of #diversity what does that look like for us? Race? Country? Gender? As we all grow as humans, do we begin to look at each other more and more for as unique individuals. Do we look at the micro differences between us all and see them for what they are? Beautiful opportunities for us to really get to know the person who is not us.

For a young, gay Black man who is attempting to break into the world of #Romance what must it be like for him. Is there room at the table for the stories he writes? Will we give him the chance to show us something new?

Join me on #LiveFree to meet Brien Michaels, author. Writer of male/male Romance. Romance that I believe is amazingly heartbreaking at times. But also can be beautiful as he shares stories of men struggling how to balance being a “man” with loving a man.