Does Cover Art Make a Difference #LiveFree with V Vee

The Descendants cover
Cover Art designed by V Vee

When it comes to cover art, there a many opinions. Truthfully, I can only speak for my own work, but there are actually studies which show the success of different art aspects. Within various genres, you will see that certain things will get you more eyes on your book.

What works best for you and your brand is what you must determine. Also, as a self-published author, you must decide what do you want this part of your work to represent.

The cover above was redesigned from the original. Why? I didn’t like it. I was on the original and, I love me, but I put myself on the cover because I got tired of working with the cover artist who just couldn’t seem to get it the way I wanted it.

My friend and fellow indie author, V Vee, jumped in and redesigned the work for me. She’s also worked on other covers for me. Join us as we discuss cover art and it’s importance to all authors.

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