Characterization with #PepperPace on #LiveFree

“Beast” by Pepper Pace is one of the first independently published books I’ve read that featured a hero who wasn’t physical perfection. I read the book and wondered how had she crafted something so, in my opinion, rich and moving. 

Instantly, I loved her hero and, like others, I had some issues with her heroine, but then I fell in love with her, too. I wanted the two of them to get together. Every time something prohibited or derailed them, I was totally emotionally involved and wanted that obstacle immediately removed!

Often, when we read Romance, we look for a bit of a fantasy. A fantasy in the love, in the money and the people. More often than not, that means the heroes and heroines are people who are pretty physically perfect. Height. Weight. Whatever. 

“Beast” has people who many would consider imperfect. For me that is what makes them interesting.

Join me and Pepper as we discuss her writing and why she chooses to write about these perfectly imperfect people. Download from your favorite #podcast store. #iTunes #Stitcher #GooglePodcast Or, click here!