Virtual #Book Events and Self-Published Authors with L Loren

L Loren reached out to me to ask me to participate in her upcoming LIVE! Virtual Book Event, of course, I said yes. But then, I had to ask her onto my podcast because I love that she has created this new virtual event for authors and readers.

To learn more about L Loren’s event, click here.

I met L Loren at an event hosted by Kassanna – IRAE. The interracial reader author expo. Like that event, this one focused on self-published authors, and it’s goal is to connect independently published authors with readers who are interested in books that highlight African-American women as the point of interest for men of all races and cultures.

Some people might look at that last statement and gasp. But let me explain why this is necessary. Far too often, Black women are shown as side-kicks, loud, brassy or just as some sort of weird mother figure. But too often, the African-American woman is not shown as an alluring sexy desirable woman. And, even if she is, sometimes there’s something off.

As a woman of color, I wanted to write books that featured women of color who were able to live life and have love on their own terms. L Loren does the same with her books, and when she realized that one of her new favorite events, IRAE, would be cancelled for the year, she decided to create her own event.

The LIVE! Virtual Book Event will host many of my friends, as well as some authors who are new to me.

Join me as I talk with L Loren about her books, her writing and why she created this virtual event. Download from your favorite #podcast store. #iTunes #Stitcher #GooglePodcast