Big, Beautiful Curvy Girl Exploring the World #TwylaTurner

Do you know what it means to be a big beautiful woman? A Black curvy girl? When I met Twyla Turner, my first thought was that she had this big bright personality. She laughed with her eyes and she stood out in a room. One of the cool girls. #Blackwomantravelsolo #Blackwomantravelalone

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I mean, look, at one event we attended together, a male cover model saw her and thought she was so beautiful that he asked her to do a photo shoot with him, pool-side. I took the pictures! So, yeah, there’s that…is my jealousy showing?!

This is a short excerpt from Twyla’s most recent book, Rock the Curves, “Lyris almost chuckled to herself at how brain-washed everyone was in Lala Land. She loved her full body. She thought is was beautiful. Strong and capable. And anyone who didn’t see it was drinking the kool-aid.” I love this!

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