Author and Veteran: Let’s Talk Romance with #SieraLondon

Let’s discuss #Romance #writing with author Siera London. Siera spent more than twenty years as a part of the U.S. Military. I wanted to learn more from her about how that factors into her writing. #selfpublishingmarketingstrategies #selfpublishingsuccess

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Although Siera has only been in the world of #self-publishing for about five years, she is one of the strongest voices out there. If you haven’t heard of her, check her out on social media and check out her podcast, Women on Words

One of the things that fascinates me about Siera is that she is a military veteran. Why does this intrigue me? I guess because I love reading books that have strong female characters, and I love to read stories that are written by women who embody that themselves.

During this interview, Siera and I discuss how her military service impacts her work, along with other topics which include: marketing, authors supporting authors and more.

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Siera London