Author’s Mindset: #HeatherRae

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There is a balance to everything, right? Life balance is about priorities. But how do you do that when you’re a mom, travel nurse and #indiepublished #author?

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Mom, Travel Nurse and Indie Published Author

#HeatherRae is a #self-published author who has been #publishing for six years. She also work full-time and is a mom of three. Now, throughout my #indiepublishing career, I’ve always worked while I pursued my dream, and it has not always been easy to find time to #write. This why you find there are times when I’ve fallen off and I haven’t #published #books. #HeatherRae and I talk about this illusive balance, and just what it takes to try to stay relevant in the world of #indiepublishing. We also chat about her career and a travel nurse and why I need another degree 🙂 To watch this video, check out my #YouTube channel!

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