Christmas Candle

Crystal danced around her shop. She didn’t know why, but she felt really happy. She didn’t know if her sisters had lit their candles, but something had changed. The air around her smelled different. She stuck her tongue out as if catching snowflakes. Yep, it tasted different, too.

Just as she was about to make another spin around the shop, the door opened and that gorgeous guy who needed a sleep aide and a headache remedy stepped through the door again. She didn’t think anyone could ever get tired of seeing him. Jet black hair crowned his head. His skin was a little pale, from the winter sun, which set off his beautiful dark eyes, but it didn’t make him look menacing. Instead, the combination was mesmerizing and it entranced her. When she looked into his eyes, she felt like he would never lie to her. The more she looked at his mouth, the harder it was not to ask him to kiss her.

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