Christmas’ Journey

Presley hungrily shoveled chocolate gelato into his mouth as he waited for Christmas in the back office of one of her stores.  She’d had a rough time finding a manager for this store because she’d been working with him and Pierce.  He relaxed as the gelato in his cup disappeared.  But, he could still use a smoky Scotch.  Asking someone to commit a percentage of their company’s earnings to anything might not be received well.

He relaxed into the chair as the music began to repeat its holiday music mix.  He loved the holidays, but this year his plans were simple.  Fire.  Scotch.  Pizza.  His mother would be out of the country, and he and Pierce weren’t seeing exactly eye to eye.  So, that left him, scotch, and pizza.

Christmas burst through the door.  “I’m all yours now,” she smiled.  “I promise.”

He lifted his head from the wall behind him, and stared.  The uniform: t-shirt and jeans fit her petite frame, perfectly.  Her dark skinned looked as tempting as the chocolate gelato that was now only a memory.  The curve of her breasts drew his eyes before he could control them.  When he looked up at her, she still smiled down at him.  Maybe, she hadn’t noticed.  He stood to give her a hug.  Her soft curves melted against his frame.

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