The Descendants

Ada sat on her bed, with Thomas’ head resting on her lap. She washed the blood from his face with a warm towel as she attempted to coax him into eating. “I’m sorry.” Unstoppable tears ran down her face. “I should never have allowed this to happen. I shouldn’t have returned to this place.” Placing the towel on his cheek, she said, “Mother sent us away once, I don’t know why I listened to the ancestors. I should never have returned.” My love nearly died because he loves me.

“I want your mother to believe in me, in us. I’m not a threat to you or your family.” He reached up to grab her hand and pulled it away from his bleeding lip. “Maybe, if we would’ve fought harder back then, things would be different. I don’t know. But I can’t live with your family believing that I would harm you or them. That I would kill your mother. We’ll help them, and if I must be tested again to prove my worth, I will. I will not run again. We won’t leave your family.”

Her heart warmed, but he didn’t know how true his words were. His life may be the only thing that would convince some in their coven that he wasn’t the one they sought. “We were given a choice. We chose to leave in order to stay together. This country hates us together, and my mother hated us together. There was no place for us to go. No place for us to be safe.”

“She worried for you and your safety.” He sat up on the bed, and pulled her into his arms.

Her tears blended with the blood staining his shirt.

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