Avril Ashton

Books have always been my very first love. Way before anything else. I had an amazing mother who felt the same way and we shared that pleasure. Reading was where I lost—and found—myself. When everyone else were hanging out after school, playing and all that good stuff, I was in the library, way in the back of the stacks, my head in a book. From the age of ten to about fifteen, it was all about the books. Then puberty took its toll and I wanted to be accepted. Books were forgotten.

For a long time, I put that love I had on the back burner while life intervened. Lovers and kids came and there wasn’t enough time in the day to think, much less read. Still isn’t. I settled down to raise my daughter with the Spousal Equivalent. Domestic life, yay. But something inside me wasn’t quite satisfied, wasn’t fulfilled. I finally did some introspection. Found a library. Phew. I’d never felt so at home, peaceful even.

Came the time I sat at my day job, reading, and something new but not altogether unexpected hit me: I can do this; write a novel. Make people feel something. Make them laugh, cry, smile, angry (hopefully at my characters, and not me). From then on it was a constant weight on my chest, the need to write. I ignored it, no one wants to read anything I have to say and I’d completely and totally suck. The compulsion I felt to write was almost shaming. How do I explain there are voices in my head begging for me to write their stories? Certifiable material, no?

Stubborn need wasn’t going away and it kept bubbling, bubbling until I couldn’t stand it. I had to confess to the Spousal Equivalent. To my surprise the SE didn’t recoil in horror when I said my dream is to write romance novels. So do it. In August of ‘09, I finally bit the bullet. I obeyed the myriad of voices in my head and sat down to write my first novel. Longhand. Sounds daunting, no? Not to me, maybe because I was blissfully unaware of what was in store for me. It took me four months to finish that first novel, and another four to transfer it from the spiral notebook to my computer. It will be available from Secret Cravings Publishing in April.

I was in my element but quickly wised-up and got a laptop, taught myself to write by tapping on the keys instead of the scratching sound of my pencil across paper. Lovely sound, by the way. Now on a roll, I immediately started my second novel A Wicked Ride. Proud to say it will be available from eXtasybooks this Feb 1. I’m really just starting out…still learning, reading, writing. As long as I still get that flutter in my stomach at the thought of another storyline, another character, I’ll always be doing it.

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