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In show business, often the director says: Picture this and so I begin with the same words to you, new friends. Take me as I am for I am a writer. I traveled this path later in my life than most of you.

Here’s a brief introduction first so we may be acquainted. In my early life, I was the good daughter, the good wife, the good mom of many children as my pilot husband flew for the Strategic Air Command during the Korean Conflict. Eventually we became civilians and one day when my youngest only daughter turned sixteen, an actress friend suggested I drive to New York City and spread my wings as an actor. I had been in many Community theater plays but never entertained a career before. My husband drew a small map on how to get to the city and fearlessly I went. Soon I became a small fish in the big talented pond. Daytime Drama was my first venue, shows like One Life to Live for twelve years, All My Children in and out of this one, Another World, two steady years. Things moved fast in the big city. We lived about thirty miles north, no biggie to drive back then. Soon offers for movies came in and I was in Working Girl sharing a hot dog with Harrison Ford during a break after singing Happy Birthday to Melanie Griffith while handing her the cake; meeting the charming Anthony call-me -Tony Hopkins who treated me to dine with the stars that day-one month on that movie, When Harry met Sally for a week where I met Carrie Fisher and we all sang during a break. And many more movies. I don’t intend to bore you. Sweet time for me. Then I was in a play Off-Broadway, my voice felt way off. I went to a specialist. I quote the words of doom. “My dear, you have Spasmodic Dysphonia. I fear you have lost your voice.”

A friend called with the suggestion: “Write a book.” I said, “I don’t know how.” “But you’ve been memorizing scripts for years and you’ve worked with Mike Nichols, Billy Crystal and good actors. Didn’t you learn from them?”

That night I had an idea and wrote and wrote and never stopped until The End. Then I sent out query letters with rejections coming back but actors are accustomed to that. No biggie and then!! Vanilla Heart Publishing called me. Yes, they were interested and they wanted more and soon I had a contract. Me with no voice had a contract for a book. I cried! Oh yes, I cried.

So you see, it can happen to you. Just keep writing, have faith in your work and yourself. And remember what I said and did.

Thanks, Angela. My best to all of your readers. I so appreciate this special moment on your blog.


Here is what’s called ‘Breaking News.’ My publisher sent me the cover reveal of my latest story. Title: Chef’s Surprise! And now it’s released. Chef’s Surprise is my twenty fifth book. This author is excited.

Introducing Chef’s Surprise:

Chef SurpriseOne night, she ran. For the bus to freedom and a new life. She had a plan, and a small box of cash.

With grit and determination, the young girl learned more than lessons at nursing college, the first part of her plan.

Someday, she would become a top chef, but for now, she’d claw her way up the ladder.

There is payback for every crime, and sometimes the payback is more than satisfactory.



Grab your copy today!






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