About Angela Kay Austin

AKA 10Have you ever been surrounded by people that tell you that you can do anything?  They can’t tell you exactly what to do, or how to get started, but no matter the odds they are steadfast in their belief in YOU.  Don’t get me wrong, you say your daily affirmation, “Yes, I can.  Yes, I can.”  Then you click your heels three times, and you write and write.  And write.  And…well, you get the picture.

For about xyz years (yeah, xyz years), I’ve been writing.  Like so many others before me, and so many will after me, I’ve chosen to express myself through the voices of the tiny little people running around in my head (Trust me.  There are a lot of them).

RIF.  Do you remember RIF?  Reading is Fundamental?  As a child, I couldn’t wait to walk through the tables set up in the library at school.  I couldn’t wait to get the next book.  On one of those visits, I chose Judy Blume’s Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret.  I was hooked.  The characters jumped off of the page at me.  How had Judy Blume created such a wonderful story and tell it through Margaret’s unique point of view so sweetly.  How did she create her story, decide upon her characters or pick the title.  It didn’t matter.  What did was that I could see it.  Feel it.  I wanted to do it.

Once, I heard an actress describe why she wanted to act.  She said, “When I watched movies, I pictured myself in every role.”  That’s how I feel about writing.  I imagine my ‘voice’ telling the stories.  Any story.  Whether it’s a book, television, movie or magazine I try to figure out what’s going to happen.  I try to tell the story MY way.

So, I write.

Like so many other authors, I have a day job.  I have worked in marketing for fifteen years.  I get to write a lot…lots and lots of radio, TV, and print copy.  Too bad I can’t compile them, and call it AD Crazy.  I’ve tried my hand at different forms of writing, too.  I wrote for Rithm ‘n Blues, an Ezine.  It didn’t last long.  But, it was fun.  I even received a few fan letters.

To keep the dream alive, I’ve joined different organizations locally, and nationally.  I am a member of Romance Writers of America For me, some of the most supportive people have been found in the local and online groups.  Because of them, I’ve made it this far.