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Selfcare Sunday

When in Rome…

Eat lots of delicious Water Buffalo Mozarella, pizza from a baker, and pasta. Then, walk. Walk the streets until your legs tire beneath you. I must admit that I’m a tiny bit in love with Rome. I cannot imagine living in a place of such ancient beauty. I am absolutely in awe. What secrets are Read More

Selfcare Sunday

Say Cheese @CharJGordon

It has been a while since I hosted anyone on my blog, and so what better way to kick it back off than with my old friend, Charmaine Gordon! Charmaine is always working on something even when she tells me she’s not Here’s the blurb for Charmaine’s latest: One night, she ran. For the bus Read More

Selfcare Sunday

What do you think about contests?

Okay, you guys know that I’ve never been a big lover of contests. I’ve never figured out quite where I fit. They always seem so narrow. I don’t write Sweet Romance, do I? I don’t write Erotic Romance, do I? I don’t write traditional Contemporary Romance, do I? Where do I belong? I’ve never discovered Read More